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Hand in Hand Midwives was developed with the goal to offer women choices in Maternity Care.  


All women have the right to birth with a known midwife. No matter what your birth choices or mode of birth, the aim is to begin the journey of parenthood feeling empowered. Trusting yourself and your body to aspire to all that is needed to achieve your own personal goal.


Hand in Hand Midwives believes this is best achieved by developing a trusting relationship with a midwife that can be there throughout your pregnancy, birth and early postnatal period, listening to you and being your advocate and empowering you to make informed decisions for you and your baby. 


Hand in hand Midwives

Peta Bissett - Hand in Hand Midwives, Owner

Medicare rebates are available of up to 85% of fees


Thank you, Hand in hand midwives will be in contact shortly

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